The Best Gin Christmas Jumpers

gin christmas jumpers

Gin is still such a hot topic – and for good reason, it’s ruddy lovely. I can think of so many people who would love to combine their love of gin with one of these (often hideous) gin Christmas jumpers. There are a good few to choose from – ranging from the, “actually ok” to the “I’d win the worst Christmas jumper competition” styles!

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Image of<p>Novelty Womens Gin-gle Bells Gin Christmas Jumper</p>

Novelty Womens Gin-gle Bells Gin Christmas Jumper

Featuring the text “Gin-gle Bells” this is a pretty ugly christmas jumper…. but it’s clever… so there’s that going for it!

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Image of<p>Gin-gle Bells Christmas Jumper</p>

Gin-gle Bells Christmas Jumper

Another play on the “Gin-gle Bells” theme, but this time a little classier. This jumper wouldn’t look out of place quite as much as the last one!

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Image of<p>Good Tonics We Bring to You and Your Gin Christmas Jumper</p>

Good Tonics We Bring to You and Your Gin Christmas Jumper

Ok, I have to admit.. I love this one. It’s not just the saying which is clever, it’s the style of the jumper. You could possibly get away with wearing this outside of Christmas too??

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Image of<p>Gin-gle Bells Funny Drink Christmas T-shirt</p>

Gin-gle Bells Funny Drink Christmas T-shirt

OK, there’s a theme here… a lot are playing on the “Gin-gle bells” idea.. but this one goes that step further. It’s only gone and done the whole rhyme. Yes! AND… it’s a tshirt. Maybe a bit easier to wear during the day and inside!!

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Image of<p>We Three Gins Christmas jumper</p>

We Three Gins Christmas jumper

Available in a variety of colours, this is pretty clever. “We three Gins”… Maybe more of a subtle Christmas jumper for the more understated!

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Image of<p>Gin-gerbread Woman Christmas Jumper</p>

Gin-gerbread Woman Christmas Jumper

Ooooh this is good!! Gin-gerbread Woman!! See what they did there? It’s not tooooo festive, but still, its a Christmas looking Gingerbread Lady!

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Image of<p>GINgle Bells Christmas Sweater</p>

GINgle Bells Christmas Sweater

OK, it’s ANOTHER GINgle Bells jumper, but when we saw this one we knew we had to have it. It’s WAY more subtle and in my opinion, a little classier. It’s a sweatshirt too so not the traditional knitwear.

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