Geeky Christmas Jumpers

Having researched the Christmas Jumper market, I am fully expecting this to be my favourite post. I’m a bit of a geek and pretty much ALL of these jumpers I would wear – no question. I was shocked to find some of these jumpers! I never thought there would be a demand for certain ones. Hopefully this year my guide will make you the stand out geek at the Christmas Party!! 🙂

Image of<p>Playstation Logo Christmas Jumper</p>

Playstation Logo Christmas Jumper

I mean, this is my point. A Playstation logo Christmas Jumper! I would be willing to bet you could go to any Christmas party and not see one of these jumpers… unless it was a gamers Christmas Party… there you may just see a few!

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Image of<p>Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas Jumper</p>

Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas Jumper

Sonic The Hedgehog.. as a Christmas Jumper!! This is amazingly amazing. All kinds of Christmassy winning. Can you tell I love this one?!

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Image of<p>Street Fighter Christmas Jumper</p>

Street Fighter Christmas Jumper

I know, I know.. it’s the page which just keeps on giving! A Street Fighter Christmas Jumper!! There are two designs for this one and it comes with a range of sizes for both men and women.

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Image of<p>Back to the Future Christmas Jumper</p>

Back to the Future Christmas Jumper

Great Scott! A back to the future Christmas jumper. This jumper is screen printed, so it’s not a knitted one, but still, the design is pretty cool!

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Image of<p>The Flash Christmas Jumper</p>

The Flash Christmas Jumper

Feeling inspired by Sheldon’s wardrobe from the Big Bang Theory? This flash Christmas jumper will surely satisfy that!!

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Image of<p>Retro Arcade Christmas Jumper</p>

Retro Arcade Christmas Jumper

This is a pretty cool jumper based on the retro arcade games. I have a few of these to write about below too – some of my personal favourites! The colours on this one are interesting, but fear not, there’s a nice red one (more Christmassy) available too!

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Image of<p>Space Invaders Style Christmas Jumper</p>

Space Invaders Style Christmas Jumper

OK this is probably the most geeky and retro of all the jumpers. Based on the original space invaders game, the aliens have been replaced by santas and reindeers!

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Image of<p>Donkey Kong Arcade Christmas Jumper</p>

Donkey Kong Arcade Christmas Jumper

Based on the Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game, this Christmas Jumper is 100% geek. The levels are shaped as a Christmas tree too. Lovely.

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