Game of Thrones Christmas Jumpers

christmas is coming game of thrones

Since it’s release, the popularity of Game of Thrones has grown and as expected, a whole range of jumpers have been made for this Christmas. We’ve gone through and found some of our favourites. Choose your jumper and choose your house. 

These jumpers would be great for any Game of Thrones fan this Christmas!! Wear your Christmas jumper as a badge of honour.

UPDATED for Christmas 2017 – new game of thrones christmas jumpers added!!

Image of<p>Christmas is Coming</p>

Christmas is Coming

Awesome jumper showing Santa sitting on the Iron Throne. The words, “Christmas Is Coming” has been written using the Game of Thrones font. Available in both black and white.

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Image of<p>Winter is Coming</p>

Winter is Coming

This is a little more of a traditional looking jumper which has the wording ‘Winter is Coming’. Various game of thrones symbols surround the jumper and I find this one is a little more subtle which is nice!

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Image of<p>House of Stark 'Christmas Coming'</p>

House of Stark 'Christmas Coming'

I like this one simply because I love the House of Stark logo.. the fact is has a Santa hat on makes it ruddy fantastic!!

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Image of<p>House of Kringle</p>

House of Kringle

Ha, this one is brilliant! Join the House of Kringle this Christmas!! Available in both stark green and a yellow colour too.

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Image of<p>Winter is Coming - House of Stark</p>

Winter is Coming - House of Stark

Another of my favourites as it’s subtle and looks more like a traditional Christmas jumper. The House of Stark logo appears on the jumper along with the text ‘Winter is Coming’ (a popular phrase this year… I wonder why!)

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Image of<p>Game of Thrones Faces Christmas Jumper</p>

Game of Thrones Faces Christmas Jumper

I feel we’ve saved the best for last. The faces of Game of Thrones in Santa hats. It’s fantastic!! Again, like the other jumpers, featuring ‘Winter is Coming’ it’s probably my favourite.

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Image of<p>Ho Ho Hodor Christmas Jumper</p>

Ho Ho Hodor Christmas Jumper

New for 2017 – a celebration for “Hodor”. Finally!

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Image of<p>Let it Jon Snow Game of thrones Christmas Jumper</p>

Let it Jon Snow Game of thrones Christmas Jumper

Such an obvious one really! The jumper is available in grey, green, red (pictured) and black. Features the text “Let it snow” along with a picture of jon snow.

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