Funny Christmas Jumpers

If you have a look around, there are some brilliantly funny Christmas Jumpers available in the UK. We featured quite a few last year, so again, for this year, we will share our favourite funny jumpers.

Image of<p>TESCO Value Christmas Jumper</p>

TESCO Value Christmas Jumper

Probably my favourite of all this style Christmas jumpers. The TESCO Value Christmas Jumper says everything it needs to. Available in both grey and white it probably is the least Christmassy jumper we have from our recommendations!!

Be sure to check out the Tesco Finest Christmas Jumper too if you’re a little more up market!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Image of<p>ASDA Smart Price Christmas Jumper</p>

ASDA Smart Price Christmas Jumper

Pretty much the same as the TESCO value jumper, this is ASDA’s smart price Christmas jumper. I guess which you choose depends on where you shop!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Image of<p>Drake Dancing Christmas Jumper</p>

Drake Dancing Christmas Jumper

I have no words.

A reader recommended this jumper as one of the funny ones so we just had to include it! Featuring Drake “dancing”. I think you’d be pretty safe knowing no-one in the party would have the same Christmas jumper as you!!

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Image of<p>This is my Christmas Jumper</p>

This is my Christmas Jumper

If ugly or retro isn’t your style for a Christmas Jumper, maybe this one is for you. It’s a simple jumper which reads, “This is my Christmas Jumper”. Nothing fancy. Just a plain jumper. I guess it delivers on it’s promise!

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Image of<p>Birthday Jesus Christmas Jumper</p>

Birthday Jesus Christmas Jumper

This is one of a few designs from the manufacturer – they are all pretty funny. The one we featured is a knitted jumper with Jesus having his Birthday cake. Others include a naked santa (!) and a “Happy Birthday Jesus” Knitted jumper.

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